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On November 22, 2013

Petfood maker Purina to donate to Illinois, USA, tornado victims

Purina will donate US$10,000 to help dogs, cats affected by recent storms in central part of state

Petfood maker Purina announced on November 21 that it plans to donate US$10,000 to assist cats and dogs affected by the recent tornadoes in Illinois, USA.

The donation will help animal welfare agencies in Peoria County stock a distribution center where displaced families can obtain free pet supplies, such as litter boxes and scoopers, grooming supplies, cat carriers and dog crates, Purina spokesman, Bill Salzman said. The funds will also cover the cost of veterinary care for injured pets.

Purina is also "assessing the opportunity for a petfood and litter donation and will proceed accordingly, as soon as we receive word that the local pet welfare organizations are fully prepared to handle the donations," Salzman said. "It often takes several days for disaster relief workers to be able to accurately assess the needs of the situation and set up appropriate intake facilities."

Tornadoes that ripped through central Illinois on November 17 destroyed hundreds of homes, leaving many pet owners without ample supplies for their animals.

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