Pet Food Market Trends
on January 8, 2014

2014 human food trends for petfood to watch

Petfood manufacturers and marketers might want to consider food and beverage trends projected to hit this year

Is the next big thing in petfood based on a relatively old thing? In the December issue of Pet Product News International, David Lummis of Packaged Facts speculated that the next petfood trend could be "biologically appropriate." This harks back to a term and acronym that were widely used about a decade ago, BARF (biologically appropriate raw food), when the raw petfood segment was getting started. (For the latest research and controversies regarding raw petfood, see Petfood Insights on p. xx.)

Now several Canadian petfood companies are using the term as a marketing tactic for products featuring existing trends such as high meat, no to low grains and low carbohydrate/low glycemic, Lummis said. Like most petfood trends, this new, encompassing one seems to follow closely behind-almost in lock-step with-human food trends forecast for this year. For example, at Food Ingredients Europe in November 2013, Innova Market Insights introduced its top 10 food and beverage trends for 2014. While not all apply to petfood, some might be worth considering.

Waste  not want not, the first trend, is about the current focus on food waste around the world, especially in developed markets. Though petfood waste is not a large problem, the fact that human demand for protein, grain and other types of ingredients and food may soon out-strip readily available and affordable supplies affects petfood, too, because our industry is competing for many of these same ingredients.

Three of the Innova trends speak directly to petfood:

  • You…
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