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on February 12, 2014

Petfood packaging round-up: The latest trends and products

Convenience and customization key in staying on top of the market

When it comes to petfood packaging, the trends of the petfood market itself have significant influence-what are pet owners looking for in petfood and treats? What do they want to see on store shelves? The answers to those questions impact what kind of packaging will hold the desired products, and right now, convenience and customization are king.

Pet humanization, the idea that pet owners are treating their animal companions as members of their human family, is the driving force behind a significant number of current petfood trends: health and wellness, obesity control, the desire for specialized food catering to various life stages (in particular very young and senior pets); all of these can be linked to similar trends in the human food industry. The trend chain, naturally, continues when it comes to petfood packaging.

The consumer desire  for convenience in packaging as varied demographics (and more people within those demographics) focus more on pets is growing, and the packaging industry is responding. "The changing demographics of pet owners-where they live and shop-affects packaging size, design and distribution requirements," says James Taylor, business development manager-marketing and technology for Printpack US. "Expanded distribution for petfood products requires higher performance packaging that extends shelf life, ensures freshness and withstands the rigors of mass market, club and Internet channels."

As a result, plastic packaging is rising in popularity. "Petfood companies are transitioning away from multi-wall paper packaging to flexible plastic packaging, which provides an opportunity for enhanced graphics while also reducing breakage…

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