Pet Food Company Profiles
on April 11, 2014

Holistic petfood company expands to include cats, alternative formulas

Canine and Feline Caviar Pet Foods offers alkaline petfood with the promise of better health for pets

Like many holistic petfood brands, the story of Canine & Feline Caviar Pet Foods starts with a family pet with health issues and a pet parent fed up with the traditional veterinary diets available. Moguls the Great Dane was constantly plagued with allergies and skin problems, but lived to be 17 years old thanks to Canine Caviar, states the company website. Before Canine Caviar, Moguls would visit the veterinarian’s office about once a month for cortisone shots. Jeff Baker, CEO and founder of Canine & Feline Caviar, was not pleased with the painful, stressful regimen and resolved to use his background in pharmacology and nutrition, basing his research on what he learned while working on a design team in Germany for a flea medication, on making a better diet for his dog.

“Amazing changes started happening to Moguls’ skin and coat and overall health once he started eating Canine Caviar,” claims Baker. “Within four months, the skin was no longer pink and his hair grew back and glistened. From that day on until the time Moguls left us, he only had one more cortisone shot, due to a bee sting.” At the age of 13, the veterinarian told Mr. Baker that Moguls had just a few months to live. “I was going to do everything I could to let Moguls have quality of life and changed the formula now called Special Needs and started feeding Moguls the new diet,” continues Baker. “Moguls stayed on the food until the day he…

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