on May 8, 2014

Petfood marketing: Why Baby Boomers are worth a closer look

The Boomer generation is diverse and ready to spend money on their pets—here’s how you can get their attention.

The petfood industry is one with the widest of audiences to market to. Nearly every demographic that may come to mind has pet owners among it, and each is deserving of the time and effort (and money!) it takes to make its members feel like they’re being spoken to personally. But how best to use those budgeted marketing dollars, and who best to spend them on?

The Baby Boomer generation  generally refers to those born between 1946 and 1964—the first babies in this group were born in the wake of the end of World War 2. Today, the oldest Boomers are in their late 60s, and the youngest among them will turn 50 this year (2014). According to the US Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, today this generation makes up 28% of the US population. They are also the most affluent and largest-growing segment of pet parents.

According to the AARP, 36% of those in the US who are 50 or older own dogs. Twenty-four percent in that demographic own cats, and 7% own some other pet.

“Baby Boomers are the generation responsible for humanizing our pets, to the point that over 90% of Americans [now] consider them to be family members,” says Kristen Levine, president of Fetching Communications, and Pet Living. “Essentially, they helped to bring pets from a dog house or porch in the yard, to sharing all the comforts of home indoors. As a whole, they control approximately 65%–70% of the US net…

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