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on May 12, 2014

Pure Pet Food boasts rapid growth with dehydrated dog dinners

Two childhood friends are poised to take on the petfood industry with their human-grade facility, a first in the UK

“As dog owners are becoming more educated about what is actually in commercial foods, and how they are made, many are turning to feed low processed, raw and home cooked meals, using high quality ingredients,” says Pure Pet Food co-founder Daniel Eha. “Pure takes away the inconvenience, health risks and costs that raw feeding and home cooking can bring, while providing a healthier alternative to those feeding one of the current commercial options.”

Eha, with the help of his childhood friend, Mat Cockroft, entered the petfood industry with their dehydrated dog food in 2013, hoping to answer the question, 'Why should pets be exempt from getting a minimally processed and varied diet, made from quality ingredients, just like humans do?’

“It made no sense  to us that a highly processed food containing low-quality ingredients, manufactured into small biscuits and fed each and every day could possibly be ideal,” explains Eha. According to the company, Pure makes natural dehydrated, human-quality petfood. “We avoid the harsh cooking procedures involved in making the wet and dry dog foods currently available to owners,” says Cockroft. “We make Pure from 100% human-quality ingredients, becoming the first petfood company in the UK whose manufacturing facility is regulated by the human, rather than animal, food authorities.” The company’s four dehydrated dog foods—Chicken Delicious, Duck Delight, Chicken Dinner and Vegi Plus—are all produced at their human-grade facility based just outside their hometown of Halifax.

Based on a survey of over 3,000 responses from pet owners feeding their…

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