Pet Food Safety / Pet Food Regulations
on June 10, 2014

Petfood industry responds to FSMA proposed rule for animal food

Concerted effort from all corners of the industry led to comprehensive feedback for FDA

Even before the Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) was enacted back on January 4, 2011, the petfood industry was very well aware that sweeping reforms were coming about. We all heard that FSMA was a call for prevention-oriented food safety practices in the US and that FSMA would be the most significant change in food regulation since the establishment of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under the Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act in 1938.

The process of proposed rulemaking by FDA would occur through a series of proposed rules published in the Federal Register that would affect the way our companies do business. The most important (to us) would be the proposed rule governing animal feed. We were also very well aware that we, as the petfood industry, would have an opportunity to respond to the proposed rules in an effort to help FDA create the most effective regulations possible to help our industry continue to make safe petfood.

In the months prior to the release of the animal food rule, members of the Pet Food Institute (PFI) began preparing to respond to these new proposed regulations from FDA. In public statements prior to publication of the animal food rule, FDA indicated that the rule would be very similar in most respects to the human food rule which was published in January 2013. With this knowledge, PFI members began forming teams of experts organized by subject matter in order to study and evaluate specific sections of the human…

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