on July 9, 2014

Company database update: The global impact of petfood

A closer look at our Top Petfood Companies Database shows the far-reaching grasp of pet humanization across the globe, as well as what markets remain under-served or untapped

Currently, Petfood Industry’s Top Petfood Companies Database compiles comprehensive information on over 300 international petfood and treat manufacturers. Our industry is now making a significant influence in almost every country and every continent and, most importantly, nearly every home with a family pet. Even markets like Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East are seeing less table scraps and more packaged petfoods in dogs' and cats' bowls, while mature markets like Western Europe and the US are continuing to innovate and adapt to a demanding pet parent-influenced marketplace.

Let’s take a closer look at some key areas across the globe and spotlight the movers and shakers in our database that are truly making an impact.

According to a recent report  by Euromonitor International Brazil, Mexico and Japan are poised to make the most growth by volume (in tons) based on 2013–2017 data and projections. Looking to capitalize on the rapid growth in Brazilian petfood markets, in July 2014, Brazil-based Mogiana Alimentos and Barcelona, Spain-headquartered Affinity Pet Care joined together in a 50/50 partnership that included the transaction of all petfood categories as well as the Campinas and Bastos plants. All brands of Mogiana Alimentos currently marketed in Brazil have been maintained.

Affinity, in its international expansion plan, was looking for petfood market opportunities in Brazil. Mogiana Alimentos' main competitive advantages that were decisive for this joint venture with Affinity were the full product portfolio and the company distribution capacity in Brazil. This joint venture has strengthened both companies…

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