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on August 5, 2014

AAFCO annual meeting highlights petfood industry issues

Pea fractions, feeding protocols, ingredients among topics

The full membership accepted the revisions to AAFCO Dog and Cat Food Feeding Protocols, one means by which a petfood manufacturer can substantiate nutritional adequacy.

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) held its annual meeting on July 24–26, 2014, in Sacramento, California, USA. As always, several controversial issues kept the discussions lively.

Approval by the full  AAFCO membership during the opening session is the final step for proposals brought forth by the various committees through the Board of Directors. One matter of healthy debate this time was the vote to accept proposed definitions for various pea fractions (pea flour, pea protein, pea starch and pea fiber), which would open the way for their sanctioned use in petfood products. However, the new definitions as brought to the vote limit the processing of these ingredients to dry-milling only. Because much of the product on the market is in fact wet-milled and hence would not fall under the definitions, some attendees expressed concern regarding the fairness and necessity of this distinction.

In the end, the definitions passed, with the understanding that interested parties are free to submit proposals to revise the definitions to be more inclusive. In fact, petitions to accomplish that are already in the works. In the interim, though, it is prudent for petfood manufacturers intending to use these ingredients to ensure that they conform to the new definitions.

The full membership also  accepted the revisions to AAFCO Dog and Cat Food Feeding Protocols, one means by…

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