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on October 9, 2014

New product development: Reinventing the shelf with petfood-enhancing products

Toppers, gravies, "mix-ins" and other petfood enhancers promise palatability, value and consumer involvement in pets' mealtimes

“If I can't reinvent the category with a leap forward that offers clear superiority in health optimization, animal enjoyment and value for the consumer and business partners, I won’t be in that business,” declares Anthony Bennie, founder of Clear Conscience Pet, maker of the new petfood enhancer, SuperGravy. Bennie recently spoke at Total Pet Expo in Rosemont, Illinois, where he pointed out that petfood shelves are over-saturated with brand proliferation—especially, he points out, in the "all-natural" category. “This hurts independent retailers by diluting their messaging and consumers then tend to default to marketing and advertising influence rather than retailer recommendations," he says. "This dilution through over-saturation allows mass and grocery to encroach on independent specialty market share. That's why I say that I never want to just add products to the market. They must serve a new purpose heretofore unfulfilled or not properly or optimally conceived.”

And where did Bennie see that gap in the petfood and treat market? “When I looked at the category of petfood toppers, I found it to be absurdly lacking in healthfulness, logic and value,” he says. “But the concept of adding a healthy gravy to petfood for a reasonable cost had great appeal for me after selling millions of bags of petfood and still hearing from a certain percentage of pet guardians that their animals were never really enthusiastic about food, or even worse—didn't eat well regularly at all.”

SuperGravy for cat and  dog food was Clear Conscience Pet’s answer to this problem…

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