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on December 10, 2014

2015 petfood trends: A look ahead

Petfood industry experts provide insight on what's to come in the next year.

The last few years have shaped the petfood industry in significant ways. Pet humanization has expanded the world of pet care, and premium products reflecting that trend are having their time in the spotlight. Uncertain economies have led to plateaus in the growth of mature markets, while developing markets continue to gain ground through their growing consumer bases. Ever-evolving regulations mean that petfood manufacturers are taking a closer look than ever at their practices, wanting to be prepared for the eventual implementation of new rules.

Given this current landscape, where is the industry headed in 2015?

The premium petfood market  isn’t going away, say industry experts, and in fact will be the surest bet for segment growth in 2015, whether the market in question is mature or still developing. “With investments from the industry concerning product quality and consumer awareness, people have started to care more about their animals and providing higher quality food,” says Abinpet, the Brazilian Association of the Industry of Products for Pets. “Over 30% of the 2.4 million tons of petfood in 2014 [in Brazil] was premium food. In 2013, estimated growth was 3%.”

The underlying trend of humanization will continue to drive launches of culinary and luxury products, says SPF Market Trends Specialist Hélène Audic. These premium products will continue to highlight the consumer needs of 2014, with characteristics such as grain-free, high protein, low-carb and limited ingredients maintaining center stage. “The grain-free trend will remain mainstream, associated with the usage of alternative protein and…

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