Pet Food Regulations
on August 10, 2016

Pet food claims, labeling focus of AAFCO annual meeting

The Pet Food and Ingredient Definitions Committees highlight language clarifications at annual gathering.

The top item of note at the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) annual meeting was that a definition and guideline to allow for "human grade" claims on pet food labels were accepted by the general membership and are now in effect. The meeting was held August 1–3 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

According to the new guidelines, pet foods whose labels bear the claim must be comprised of 100% human-edible materials and the finished pet product must be processed, handled, stored and transported in full compliance with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules as required for foods for human consumption. Pet food manufacturers must be ready to provide documentation to verify compliance with these requirements. There also will be size restrictions on the label claim itself.

AAFCO Pet Food Committee accomplishments

In addition to its contribution to the work on "human grade" claims, the AAFCO Pet Food Committee has been very busy this past year, as evidenced by the number of items accomplished. The AAFCO Pet Food and Specialty Pet Food Labeling Guide (which includes explanations and examples of correct and incorrect application of the rules) has been published and is now available on the AAFCO website. The cost for non-regulatory personnel is US$200. Also, the working groups charged with proposing new regulations to allow for carbohydrate-related claims and to update the dental claim guidelines have finished their tasks and their reports are being posted on the AAFCO Feed BIN for comment.   

As for the continuing…

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