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on January 9, 2017

FreshChoice Complete gains in ultra-premium dog, cat food

A young company with a big vision, FreshChoice aims to be a leader in the raw pet food segment.

FreshChoice Complete actually began slightly outside the pet food arena. Established in 2010, the company initially formulated raw feline diets for captive lions and tigers in zoos across the United States. After partnering with a meat supplier in Warsaw, Kentucky, USA, FreshChoice was encouraged to acquire a former national brand food plant. In 2015, that plant, a US Department of Agriculture (USDA)/US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) facility on the Ohio River between Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, and Louisville, Kentucky, USA, became a reality. The company now manufactures fresh and raw dog and cat food, as well as smokehouse bones, chews and treats for sale through a network of independent distributors.

“FreshChoice was developed as an ultra-premium pet food company in the fast-growing space of human-grade fresh, raw and frozen foods, freeze-dried meals/treats, and natural smoked treats for pets,” says Andrew Bullock, president of FreshChoice. “Our foundation was started in the nation’s largest and most successful animal sanctuaries and zoos where expert animal nutritionists knew that our raw, whole-foods diet provided the high-protein, clean nutrition animals need. We evolved to developing world-class complete diets and innovative treats and chews for companion pets, providing healthy, beneficial products from puppy to good old dog, kitten to senior feline.”


The FreshChoice Complete line offers raw formulas such as this canine turkey + lamb formulation. Made with 96 percent whole poultry and meat, the meal contains locally sourced ingredients and superfoods for optimal health, according to the company. | Courtesy FreshChoice Complete

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