Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. NextGuard X-ray detection system

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Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
501 90th Avenue NW
Minneapolis MN 55433
United States

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. offers the NextGuard X-ray detection system, designed to enable food processors to meet the global demand for more thorough inspection for product contamination. The product has multiple contaminant detection algorithms to increase detection probability; the a", "The platform's algorithms target the detection of less\ndense contaminants such as glass or rocks in complex, textured products such as\nnuts or tea bag boxes. Optional mass estimation software is designed to utilize\nthe density information in the X-ray image to estimate weight and detect\nunder/over filled products. The system is configurable for dual rejection,\nseparating contaminated products from other quality errors. This aids in root\ncause analysis and implementing corrective actions, according to the company. The most recent generation of NextGuard is six times faster than the first generation.", A w", "raparound detector is intended to reduce “blind spots,â€\u009D b", "uilt-in Internet remote supports hardware and software and e", "asily removable conveyor facilitates quick cleaning and service. ", "There are m", "ultiple available X-ray powers with low-cost extended warranties.

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