Witt Gas Controls PA 7.0 oxygen and carbon dioxide analyzer

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Witt Gas Controls
Salinger Feld 4-8
Witten -- D-58454

The Witt Gas Controls PA 7.0 oxygen and carbon dioxide analyzer can be used for head space analysis or for any process that requires critical limits of oxygen and carbon dioxide. In addition to continuous in-line gas mix monitoring, a random sample can be taken with a sampling needle and depending on the application, the analyzer needs as little as three millimeters of gas to provide a reliable analysis. PA 7.0 offers USB connections, SD card slots, digital inputs and outputs, 24 volts inputs and outputs and relays for data transform and stores the 500 most recent measurements. For quality-assurance applications, the system will raise an alarm or trip a volt-free contact I when a set limit value is reached, and the system can be calibrated with a simple two-point procedure.

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