Nordic Pet Food Seminar

10/9/17 8:00 am to 10/10/17 2:30 pm Central European Time

Health and wellbeing is a key driver of growth in the global pet food market, and will continue to be a key factor in the market with the growing importance of pets in society for companionship and as family members. The Nordic Pet Food Seminar will showcase key current thinking in the areas of pet food science, technology, product formats and marketing linked to the overall theme of “Health & Wellbeing”. The event will be held on October 9 and 10, 2017, in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

The event will feature presentations from pet food manufacturers, ingredient suppliers and researchers at universities and institutes. Based on feedback from the 2016 Nordic Pet Food Seminar, the two day event will feature 19 presentations by experts on the three key areas, combined with networking opportunities and a gala dinner.

Presentations will focus on three key areas linked to pet health and wellbeing:

  1. Meeting the market, pet owner and pet needs for products that support health and wellbeing in cats and dogs; This thread will focus on the question “What are these needs?”
  2. How to meet these needs through product design (product format and recipe) and ingredient selection.
  3. How to ensure these benefits are delivered through technological applications and ensuring the quality and safety of pet food products.