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TurboPup leads a new petfood category with meal bars for dogs

“These are basically Power Bars for dogs,” explains Guerrero of the TurboPup concept. “So what it is, is a complete meal. Whenever you take your dog on the trail or go camping with them, all you need to take is this.” Read More

Safety focus: shipping and distribution of petfood products

Keywords like collaboration, cloud computing and responsiveness will dominate the petfood supply chain landscape — is your company prepared? How will you ensure that a worry-free product is always being delivered safely, efficiently and in a timely manner to consumers? Read More

Update: Nutrition for senior pets

Today, 50% of dogs in the US are over the age of six. According to Dr. Sally Perea, DVM, senior nutritionist for Natura Pet Products Inc., in her presentation "The Latest Research on Senior Pet Nutrition," pets are living longer due to improved nutrition and veterinary care. Read More

Pet obesity correlated with human obesity, vet says

Dr. Richard French, DVM, dean of animal studies and Allerton Chair of Animal Health Sciences at Becker College, is urging pet owners to pursue healthy lifestyles in honor of May as National Pet Month. The bond between human owners and their pets may affect the health of both, he says, especially for health concerns associated withobesity. Read More

Review board recommends Blue Buffalo modify advertising

A panel of the National Advertising Review Board (NARB) has recommended that Blue Buffalo Company Ltd. modify its advertisements to avoid any express or implied messages that competing petfood companies are “fooling” or otherwise misleading consumers and modify its online “True BLUE Test” comparison chart. Read More

Farm Food wins National Business Success Award for petfood

Dutch dog food manufacturer Farm Food has received the National Business Success Award in the petfood category. Read More

Glowing dog food in New Zealand blamed on bioluminescent bacteria

Glowing dog food discovered by a New Zealand woman might be due to sea-based bioluminescent bacteria, according to microbiologist Siouxsie Wiles. Read More




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March 2015

The March 2015 issue of Petfood Industry focuses on emerging pet industry trends. Read about NutriFusion, a company that saw immediate growth after expanding from human food into the pet food industry with its fruit and vegetable nutrient-dense products. Also, learn about how so-called "superfoods" are trending as a new pet food ingredient, and why innovation, convenience and sustainability are key in pet food packaging.

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