Pet Food Packaging

Learn the latest analysis, research and marketing data from the editors of Petfood Industry magazine on wet and dry pet food packaging trends for cans, pouches, paper bags and trays as well as packaging designs that appeal to pet owners, how to successfully brand and rebrand dog and cat food and how packaging is evolving with the market.


6 insights for marketing pet food to millennials

Bob Wheatley, founder and CEO, Emergent, gave six insights that should be considered by pet food marketers who want to appeal to millennial pet owners and keep them as loyal customers.
Pet food companies need to appeal to pet owners’ emotions in order to differentiate their pet food products and gain new consumers.
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Pet food packaging design tips from an award-winning team

A Matrix Partners executive shared the pet food packaging insights they used to win three awards.
The design team at Matrix Partners won three awards for their work on Caru Pet Food, Health Extension and Nature’s Logic pet food brands’ packaging.
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Why pet owners are buying more wet pet food

Wet pet food sales may grow as millennials and baby boomers favor cats and smaller dogs.
Executives at Bravo Pet Food and Holistic Health Extension believe demographics and demand trends favor continued growth in the wet pet food category.
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