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Cat food container size, shape can’t stop thiamine loss

Although thiamine deficiency can be deadly in cats, no one has found a solution to the problem of thiamine loss during high temperature processing.
Although initial experimental results suggested smaller containers might retain more of the essential vitamin, further analysis disproved the correlation.
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Pet food industry ready to help after Hurricane Irma

Aid efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey haven’t drained the pet industry’s charitable coffers.
While pet food companies work to help people, dogs, cats and other animals reeling from Hurricane Harvey, the 180-mile-per-hour winds of Hurricane Irma bear down on Florida.
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Kemin Industries opens worldwide headquarters

The nutritional ingredient company headquarters completed a five-year, US$125.5 million overall investment.
Kemin Industries hosted a private ceremony to celebrate the official grand opening of the nutritional ingredient company’s worldwide headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa.
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FDA pushes FSMA compliance inspections to fall 2018

AFIA has praised the FDA for granting extensions to larger businesses.
The FDA has effectively delayed inspections for animal food facilities to be in compliance with some parts of the animal food rule within the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) until fall 2018.
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