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CANIDAE Uses 100% Wind Power To Manufacturer All Natural Dog Treats
At State-of-the-Art Plant


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Wind Powered PlantOur eco-friendly Snap-Biscuit® and Snap-Bits™ plant, located in Oklahoma, boasts an extremely efficient, safe, and earth-friendly design. This state-of-the-art plant utilizes a 100% US labor force and is designed to support the local community near the plant by offering much needed jobs.

Wind PoweredWe are especially proud that 100% of the electricity used is wind generated as wind energy does not deplete natural resources and is renewed every day as the earth heats and cools. We save about one pound of coal for every kilowatt-hour generated by wind.

Visible from Oklahoma State Highway 34, the Oklahoma Wind Energy Center that produces the electricity for CANIDAE occupies 1200 acres of private land near the city of Woodward. Thirty-four towers and turbines, with massive 110 foot blades, combine to produce 50 megawatts at peak output.

eco-friendly Snap-Biscuits™ and Snap-Bits™ plant
Continuing our tradition of utilizing only the highest level of safety protocols and the finest equipment in the pet food industry, our Commitment to Pet Food Safety in this wind-powered facility takes the form of an in-house hi-tech laboratory where safety and nutritional tests are conducted daily on both incoming ingredients and finished goods.

The plant manufactures the entire line of CANIDAE Snap-Biscuit and Snap-Bits which are made with meat meals which originate from meats processed in a human grade facility, whole grains, herbs, fruits and vegetables. Snap-Biscuits and Snap-Bits are both available in three highly palatable formulations: Chicken and Turkey Meal, Lamb Meal and Brown Rice, and CANIDAE PLATINUM® specially formulated for senior and overweight dogs.

Pictured below left: Snap-Bits being formed on our unique rotary die.

unique rotary dieSnap-Biscuits box
Snap-Biscuit treats are larger and easily break apart into four pieces, while Snap-Bits are already "bit-sized" and ready to be fed to smaller breed dogs or used as a training reward for dogs of any size. As with all CANIDAE products, these all natural dog treats are made the "CANIDAE Way" with superior quality in every box with NO corn, wheat, soy, grain fractions or fillers - and naturally preserved! These all natural treats provide a crunchy texture that helps scrape away plaque and tarter and include a hint of peppermint for fresh breath. Scientifically formulated to provide balanced Omega-6 & -3 Fatty Acids, these canine treats contain essential vitamins and chelated minerals, guaranteed viable micro-organisms, guaranteed enzyme activity to help break down cellulose, and natural skin & coat conditioners.

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