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Tyson, Kemin open new manufacturing operation

Tyson Foods Inc.  and  Kemin Industries Inc.  announced the opening of a new manufacturing operation that is producing petfood flavor enhancers known as palatants under the Palasurance brand, according to a  press release  by Kemin.

The manufacturing initiative is the result of an alliance Tyson and Kemin formed in 2008 to develop, manufacture, market and sell liquid and dry palatants to petfood companies. The goal, according to the companies, is to provide cost-competitive, high quality petfood palatants.

The new palatant operation is housed at Tyson's animal protein facility in Scranton, Arkansas, USA. Production began in March and will be a 24-hour operation, according to the release.

"The Scranton facility is located near several of our largest poultry processing plants," said Jeff Webster, group vice president and general manager of Tyson's Renewable Products division. "This gives us excellent access to the fresh raw materials needed to manufacture high-performing palatants for some of North America's largest petfood makers."

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