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Blog explores switching your pet's food

In her blog titled Fully Vetted, Dr. Patty Khuly recently discussed the importance of switching up your pet's food, citing that variety in petfood can offer more nutritional balance.

"If we’ve undertaken thousands of times more research on human nutrition and still can’t decide what’s best for us, does it not stand to reason that a 'nutritionally balanced' diet for our pets might elude modern science as well?" she writes.

Khuly said an "occasional formula change" can help combat getting stuck in a nutritional rut.

Although she said some colleagues disagree with her on this point, she stands "by the reasonable assumption that variety is a good thing."

Khuly also offers a top 10 list of why to change up your pet's diet, including food allergies, gastrointestinal motility disorders and practicality (such as ability to obtain certain formulas).

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