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RedMoon hires talking Boston Terrier as official 'spokesdog'

RedMoon Custom Pet Food hired Rex, a talking Boston Terrier, to an exclusive multi-year services contract as the company's first official "spokesdog."

The story of Rex became an Internet phenomenon earlier this year when a one and a half-minute video monologue on YouTube showed off the dog's talent for fast-paced human speech.

“This food is so good, after eating it for a month I began to experience a change. Instead of simply howling my pleasure, I found I was able to express real satisfaction—I could even spell it out: R-E-D-M-O-O-N. So I sat my human down and got him to shoot a video on his handheld so I could tell the whole world what every dog and cat owner needs to know—”this stuff is supercharged’," said Rex in the YouTube video.

RedMoon scientists note that they cannot guarantee that other canines and felines consuming the company's products will develop the power of speech.

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