Korea-based Daehan Flour Mills has invested in the country's pet services industry with Irion, a large-scale multipurpose complex for pets that includes a pet hospital, hotel, beauty shop, daycare center, store and café.

The majority of the establishment is devoted to medical services, with an emergency hospital open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. DBS, the company (founded by Daehan) that owns Irion, has invested Won 15 trillion (US$13.4 billion) in high-tech medical equipment for the animal hospital, including an MRI and CT machine. “An increasing number of pet owners think that animals have the right to quality medical and other services, regardless of the cost,” said Bae Youn-jin, general manager of DBS. “Irion aims to be the animal hospital version of Samsung Medical Center, the country’s top private general hospital.”

Irion's first floor is also devoted to the hotel and daycare center, which caters to owners who don't want to leave their dogs at home while they're away. Such luxuries are Daehan's way of banking on the Korean pet industry's continued growth. While seven years ago there were only 3 million pets in Korea, today there are 5.3 million, with one in six households owning at least one pet. Dogs account for 95% of the pets and cats make up the remaining 5%.