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PetShopBowl only online pet shop to exhibit at 120th Crufts dog show

A 10-month-old startup called PetShopBowl will be the only online pet shop to exhibit at the United Kingdom's 120th Crufts dog show.

PetShopBowl was set up by two entrepreneurs, Adam Taylor and Alexandra Tamasan, with help from the Princes Trust Business program. Both were unemployed before coming up with the idea of an online pet shop designed to provide a service to help pet owners. Ten months later, the company is on track to achieve a turnover of £300,000 in its first year of operations. “The business idea originated from my personal experience of wanting to save money during these harder economic times,” said Taylor. “I also witnessed my mother struggling to carry heavy dry dog food sacks and cat litter for her pets.”

PetShopBowl’s website offers a repeat delivery service called “Bottomless Bowl” and a one-click reorder feature. “It occurred to me that most animals eat the same amount of food every day, every week and even every year,” said Taylor, “so why not save money and petrol by buying in bulk and have it delivered to your door?” The home delivery service is offered nationwide.

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