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Hill's Pet Nutrition, 'Biggest Loser' host team up to help pets lose weight

Hill's Pet Nutrition and "Biggest Loser" host Alison Sweeney are inviting pet owners to join the "Science Diet Million Pound Pledge" — a national call-to-action to help the estimated 54% of overweight or obese dogs and cats in the US shed pounds and live a healthy, happy lifestyle.

To participate, owners can visit and pledge to help their pet lose weight. All participating pet owners will receive a "Try Me Free" rebate for a Science Diet weight management food of their choice — redeemable at PetSmart — and gain access to interactive weight loss tools to track their pet's progress. "Making sure that my family eats healthy and exercises is extremely important to me, so when I found out that my dog Winky needed to lose a few pounds it was really upsetting," said Sweeney. "With the help of Science Diet, Winky is back on track and now I'm encouraging loving owners across the country to visit and pledge to help their pets lose weight."

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