Pet Food News
on May 11, 2011

Natural petfood company releases online health tool

Holistic Select Health Scale evaluates nutrition, education, socialization, physical health, environment

Holistic Select petfood has launched the Holistic Select Health Scale, a tool designed to help pet parents evaluate and improve the holistic health of their cats and dogs.

The new tool focuses on five main areas of holistic health: nutrition, education and training, socialization, physical health and environment. Participants rank their pets on a scale of one to five based on the accuracy of a set of statements pertaining to each area. According to Holistic Select, the tool is a good way for pet parents to discover how they're doing with respect to their pet's whole-body health and gain valuable tips for improvement.

For a limited time only, each pet parent who completes the Holistic Select Health Scale will receive an exclusive savings offer for Holistic Select petfood.

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