In the fast-growing Asia-Pacific petfood market, information and knowledge lead to business growth. Petfood manufacturers can gain all by attending Petfood Forum Asia, where leading industry experts will share their insights on important topics such as nutrition, safety and market trends.

Scheduled for March 3, 2010, at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok, Thailand, Petfood Forum Asia will be held in conjunction with Victam Asia 2010, one of the largest agrifeed events in the world.

In addition to learning about the industry during the Petfood Forum Asia sessions, you'll enjoy plenty of networking with new and familiar colleagues. You can also visit exhibits of ingredients, equipment and other supplies vital to the petfood industry and meet with key suppliers' representatives.

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Petfood growth in Asia still strong

Despite the worldwide recession, the petfood industry is still growing-though Euromonitor International says the growth rate has slowed dramatically from the huge increases of recent years.

But the Asia-Pacific market is one in which growth will stay healthy: Sales of dog and cat food will increase more than 17% from now through 2014, reaching US$5.98 billion, according to Euromonitor, even greater than the 15% growth the Asia market has enjoyed from 2004-2009. (see Table 1 ). As of November 2009, the region's cat and dog food sales totaled US$5.1 billion, up from US$4.34 billion in 2003.

Breaking down the data by country, Euromonitor says all the main Asia-Pacific markets will enjoy double-digit growth in cat and dog food sales from 2009-2014. As dynamic as those rates are, nearly all are lower than over the past five years; and most of the growth is happening on very small bases.

For example, China's cat and dog foods sales rose 78% from 2004-2009 but still only amounted to US$305 million for the last year. Euromonitor predicts the growth rate will decline to 33% from now through 2014, with sales reaching US$407 million that year.

But, good news for the host country for Petfood Forum Asia: Thailand's cat and dog food sales will increase 45% over the next five years, according to Euromonitor, reaching a total of US$409 million in 2014. The Thai cat and dog food market had grown 133% from 2004-2009.

And, while developed, mature petfood markets elsewhere in the world will see much lower growth-and in some cases, even declines-Japan's sales will rise 12.7% from now through 2014, Euromonitor projects, up from 9% over the past five years. That growth will lead to a total of US$4.285 billion in 2014.

Euromonitor also projects volume (in metric tons) of dog and cat food sold in Asia-Pacific will grow by nearly the same amount (15.5%) as will sales.

All the data points to a steadily growing petfood market for this part of the world.