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Stella & Chewy's donates petfood to sick rescue dog

Stella & Chewy's is donating petfood for one year to sponsor Cupid, a sick rescue dog at the ARFhouse in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Cupid, found starving in a Texas, USA, field, was transported to ARFhoouse Chicago where he was taken in by a foster family. Soon after, it was discovered that Cupid was born with two heart conditions: valvular pulmonic stenosis, meaning the valve sending blood to his lungs is deformed so he struggles to pump a healthy amount of blood, and subaortic stenosis, a deformation to the valve that sends blood to his organs. As a result of these conditions, Cupid is suffering a dangerous side effect that causes his cardiac walls to become thicker, making treatment impossible.

Cupid receives four portioned Stella & Chewy's meals per day to help him sustain blood flow to his lungs and other organs. In addition, the company says it has made nearly US$275,000 worth of petfood, treat and monetary donations to animal shelters in 2011.

“It’s important to us to help rescue animals, after all it was my adoptive dogs that inspired me to start Stella & Chewy’s," said Marie Moody, Stella & Chewy’s founder and
president. "We strive to make a difference in the quality of life of our customer’s pets as well as the lives of dogs and cats who are less fortunate.”

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