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on November 16, 2011

Global petfood industry worth $50 billion in 2010, Markets and Markets report estimates

New petfood industry report says North America dominates the global market

In 2010, the global pet market was estimated to be worth more than US$50 billion in 2010, according to Markets and Markets' petfood industry report, "Global Pet Food Market by Type, Animal, Geography Trends & Outlook 2011-2016."

The report says that North America dominates the global petfood market, with more than 40% of the total market share in 2010. Countries in the Asia-Pacific region, such as India and China, as well as Brazil are expected to be high-growth markets for petfood, according to the report. The report also includes trends in the global petfood market, such as the shift to organic and natural petfoods.

A copy of the report may be purchased online from Markets and Markets.

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