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FDA publishes Food, Veterinary Medicine Program Strategic Plan 2012-2016

The US Food and Drug Administration published the final draft of its “Food and Veterinary Medicine Program Strategic Plan 2012-2016,” which guides the administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine on petfood safety under the Food Safety Modernization Act.

The administration's strategic plan aims to implement legislative mandates of the Food Safety Modernization Act, in which Congress requires the Food and Drug Administration to create a new food safety system.

“This plan illustrates the breadth and complexity of the work we do and calls out the initiatives that the leadership team considers most important to our success,” said Michael Taylor, Food and Drug Administration deputy commissioner for foods.

The plan includes a “cross-cutting” goal of improving effectiveness and efficiency across all levels of the Food and Veterinary Medicine program as well as seven specific goals related to food safety. Among specific goals of the strategic plan, the administration will implement updated standards for petfood labeling, including nutrition and ingredient information, and implement standards for animal feed ingredients.

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