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US private-equity firm acquires UK pet treat manufacturer

US private-equity firm Swander Pace Capital has acquired UK pet treat manufacturer Pointer Pet Products Limited.

Pointer Pet Products Limited is a manufacturer of branded and private-label baked dog treats. The terms of the deal have not yet been disclosed.

The announcement comes two weeks after Swander Pace invested in Cambrian Pet Foods, a UK maker of wet and dry petfoods. A spokesman for Swander Pace says Pointer and Cambrian will work together to leverage the product offerings of both businesses.

“Our business has real synergy with Cambrian Pet Foods. The investment by Swander Pace Capital will enable us to work together with Cambrian to achieve purchasing and supply chain synergies and leverage the expertise of both companies while ensuring real focus on service, quality and innovation to achieve market growth," said Pointer Pet Products managing director, Nick Whitley.

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