IAMS petfood brand recently selected 16 winning cats and dogs in its national “Play Young, Stay Young” Facebook contest, launched in celebration of the new IAMS Senior Plus formula for dogs and cats over age 11.

The "Play Young, Stay Young" Facebook contest asked pet owners to submit a photo of their dog or cat over age 11 and explain, in 100 words or less, how their pet refuses to act his or her age. IAMS selected 16 winners, eight dogs and eight cats, based on a photo and essay demonstrating which pets best embodied “play young, stay young," and profiled a special cat and dog each week for eight weeks on its Facebook page in addition to giving each winning pet a year’s supply of IAMS Senior Plus petfood.

“It was inspiring to read the many stories and see all the beautiful photos of cats and dogs, 11 and older, who simply refuse to act their age,” said Laura Lewis, external relations manager, IAMS. “What better way to help shine a spotlight on the importance of feeding pets proper nutrition based on their age, than a national contest where 16 amazing pets won a year’s supply of food?”

The 16 “Play Young, Stay Young” winners, ranging in age from 11 through 16, are:

•Jimmy (age 11) – Jimmy loves to jump in and out of his house, to the delight of his other pet companions.
•Munchkin (age 11) – Believing that she is still a kitten, Munchkin loves to chase other felines many years her junior.
•Maisy (age 12) – Losing her leg to cancer hasn’t stopped Maisy from participating in her favorite activities – chasing dogs and climbing trees!
•Socks (age 12) – Socks has been praised by his veterinarian for having the vitals of a 2 year-old feline.
•Teddy (age 12) – Described by his owner as “epitome of lively and active,” Teddy has shown no signs of age slowing him down.
•Tituba (age 15) – This cat still has all the pep in her step to keep up with her active caretaker.
•Munchkin (age 11) – Munchkin still believes that she is a kitten, even though she is going on 12 years!
•Cortez (age 13) – Cortez acts years beyond her age and frequently goes for walks around the neighborhood with her owner!

•Lucy (age 11) – Lucy is always available to hand out kisses and hugs and looks forward to her daily walks with her owner.
•Buddie (age 12) –Buddie’s “pet brother,” a puppy, has a difficult time keeping up with this running and sliding aficionado.
•Sophie (age 12) – Persistent and strong, Sophie is famous amongst the pups in the neighborhood for retrieving trees from the middle of community lakes and bringing them ashore.
•Zico (age 12) – A retired therapy dog, Zico has provided his family with comfort during the most difficult times.
•Abby (age 13) – “Fetch” is still this Labrador’s favorite game!
•Bitty (age 13) – This feisty Chihuahua mix loves to play “tug o’ war” with the Dalmatian she shares her home with.
•Phoofie (age 12) – This pup loves to play ball every day and continues to show the spring in her step!
•Asher (age 15) – Asher loves to go for walks and is often mistaken for being years younger than she really is!