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Royal Canin offers new petfood to relieve stress in dogs, cats

Royal Canin has introduced a new Veterinary Diet Calm petfood with three ingredients designed to help relieve stress in small dogs and cats under 33 pounds.

The Calm petfood formula combines three ingredients: L-tryptophan, the amino acid found in turkey and other meats that creates a sense of well-being by creating more serotonin; alpha-casozepine, a peptide found in the protein in milk that calms nerve receptors; and nicotinimide, also known as niacin or vitamin B3, which has the same calming effects as alpha-casozepine. Calm also has a skin complex that helps skin retain moisture, helps heal any skin trauma and helps prevent infections, along with prebiotics and extra fiber as a gastrointestinal support for more normal bowel movements.

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