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Academy of Natural Health Sciences offers pet nutrition online courses

Academy of Natural Health Sciences is offering a pet nutrition online home-study program. These pet nutrition programs specialize in canine nutrition, feline nutrition, equine nutrition, or general clinical pet nutrition.

The Canine Nutrition Program is a 100-hour program covers a variety of subjects. Courses include The Problems with Pet Food; Protein, Carbs and Fat for Dogs; Health Benefits of Proper Feeding; Making the Switch to a Better Diet; Feeding and Dry, Canned or Frozen Food; Feeding Options for Busy Owners; Keys to Healthy Homemade Meals; Preparing Homemade Meals; Raw Food Feeding; Pet Nutrition Supplements; Herbs for Dogs; Homeopathic Remedies; Flower Essence Use; Veterinary Acupuncture; Veterinary Chiropractic; Massage Techniques; Vaccinations; and Natural Remedies and Health Problems. Upon completion of the program, the student will be awarded a Canine Nutrition Certificate that can be applied to the school's Clinical Pet Nutritionist program.

Similar to the Canine Nutrition Program, the Feline Nutrition Program is also a 100-hour certification. Courses are similar to the canine program; however, vary slightly. Some special feline courses include Litter Box Tips, Raw Food Feeding, What Cats Need and Don't Need, Species Appropriate Nutrition, and Proper Dosing for Cats.

The Clinical Pet Nutritionist Program is a 500-hour program that goes into more detail with pet nutrition studies. Starting with the canine and feline programs, students also examine pet nutrition through courses such as Anatomy and Physiology for Cats and Dogs; Dog and Cat Diseases; Sports Nutrition for Dogs; Clinical Nutrition for Dogs and Cats; Diseases and Natural Remedies; Raw Food Feeding for Dogs and Cats; Breed Specific Nutrition; Prescription Diets for Dogs and Cats; Herbology for Dogs and Cats; Homeopathy for Dogs and Cats; Drug, Herb and Supplement Interactions; Preventing Drug-Caused Nutrient Depletions; Blood Work and Nutritional Interpretations; Canine and Feline Health Assessments; CPN Business and Legal Guides; along with a Counseling Practicum. Graduates are awarded with a Clinical Pet Nutritionist (CPN) Diploma upon completion.

The last program available for pet nutrition through the Academy of Natural Health Sciences in the Equine Nutrition Specialist (ENS) program. Still in development, the Academy of Natural Health Sciences is still converting the program to an online curriculum.

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