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US toddler remains ill two years after petfood Salmonella contamination

Two years after a 2012 petfood recall by Diamond Pet Foods due to Salmonella contamination, two-year-old Amy Hall is still suffering the effects of a debilitating and recurring form of Salmonella that doctors say she may not grow out of until she's five or six years old, according to a Charlotte Observer report.

She was sickened as a newborn by the Hall family dogs, who ate contaminated dog food from Diamond's Gaston, South Carolina plant. Amy almost died then, and is now a Salmonella carrier and a health risk to everyone around her, according to health officials. She is one of around 50 victims in at least 20 states and Canada whom health investigators have linked to Diamond's Gaston plant. In 2005, the facility produced contaminated food that killed 100 dogs and sickened dozens of others in more than 20 states. Diamond eventually admitted it had not followed its own testing protocols and agreed to pay US$3.1 million to settle a class action lawsuit. In 2012, the Salmonella outbreak infected seven people in South Carolina and sent 10 people across the US to the hospital.

The Hills initiated a lawsuit against Diamond earlier in summer 2014. Mark Schell, the company’s vice president, said Diamond responded to the Salmonella outbreak by improving the health standards of its production plants. The company's legal response to the lawsuit is due shortly.

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