During Petfood Forum Europe 2015, held June 10 in Cologne, Germany, experts presented on pet nutrition, pet food ingredients, palatability, pet food safety, pet food processing and pet food packaging. Video clips from some of the presentations are now available.

The videos include:

  • Tarique Arsiwalla, co-founder of Protix in the Netherlands, presenting on insects as an alternative protein source for pet foods;
  • David Primrose, technical consultant for Synergy Food Ingredients in the UK, highlighting the potential financial impact of pet food recalls;
  • David Thomas, PhD, senior lecturer for Massey University in New Zealand, explaining how new research on cats' seasonal feeding habits and body weight fluctuations could impact requirements for AAFCO feeding trials;
  • Melinda Fernyhough Culver, PhD, scientic affairs manager-biosciences for Abitec Corp. in the US, describing the metabolic pathway of caprylocapric (medium chain) triglycerides and their potential benefits for promoting weight wellness;
  • Brian Streit, director of pet food and aquatic technology for Wenger Manufacturing in the US, sharing a new method of pet food extrusion that features a higher ratio of thermal to mechanical energy to save energy and allow for the use of higher levels of fresh meat.

View the videos here.

Petfood Forum Europe 2015, held in conjunction with Victam International, enjoyed record attendance of more than 200 pet food professionals from throughout Europe and the world—32 countries in all. That represented a 25% increase over the last edition of the conference in 2011. The conference may next be held in 2017, again in Cologne; for updated information, please bookmark PetfoodForumEvents.com.