Videos are available on pet food new product development, which was the theme of Petfood Forum China 2015, held August 28 in Shanghai. Pet food industry experts presented information on the Chinese pet food market and where opportunities lie in that market for new products; key steps for developing new pet foods, including in pre-commercialization and commercialization phases; the importance of supplier partnerships; and ways to take a new product to retail.

The videos include:

  • Retail expert John Stanley, president of John Stanley Associates, detailing the five key reasons why 75% of all new products fail;
  • Eric Altom, PhD, a consultant formerly in pet food product development with Mars Petcare, P&G Pet Care and the Iams Co., describing the two major congestion points in the pet food product development cycle; and
  • Serge Boutet, owner of Serge Boutet, owner of SB Nutrinnov Consultants, explaining why formulating and developing new pet food products is both an art and a science.

View the videos here.

Petfood Forum China 2015 focused on new product development for pet food. It was held August 28 in Shanghai, co-located with Pet Fair Asia 2015. With the Chinese pet food market growing each year, Petfood Forum China will return to Shanghai in August 2016, again with Pet Fair Asia.