During Petfood Innovation Workshop, held October 28-30 at Kansas State University (KSU) as part of the KSU Pet Food Experience, nearly 200 pet food professionals participated in making pet treats at five hands-on stations on the KSU campus in Manhattan, Kansas, USA. Videos of participants making the treats are now available.

Designed to help Petfood Innovation Workshop attendees to learn about potential new ingredients for pet treats, or new applications for existing ingredients, the stations featured sorghum in granola treats (presented and sponsored by Extru-Tech Inc. and the United Sorghum Checkoff), miscanthus fiber in baked treats (Renew Biomass), various palatants to showcase flavors and aromas (AFB International), gummy treats using a patent-pending formulation and process (Lortscher Animal Nutrition, KSU Research Foundation and KSU Institute for Commercialization) and dried brewer’s yeast for high-protein treats (F.L. Emmert Co.).

In addition to the Workshop stations, participants also heard the latest pet food research from KSU faculty, industry experts discussing pet food innovation and Kansas government officials explaining how the state is attracting, supporting and growing pet food businesses and exports. All sessions were part of the KSU Pet Food Experience.

A new Petfood Innovation Workshop will take place during Petfood Forum 2016, on April 18, at the KSU Olathe campus near downtown Kansas City, Missouri, USA. The 2016 Workshop will focus on high-meat inclusion and formulations in pet food and treats.