Visan, a superpremium pet food manufacturer based in Spain, acquired Trovet a Dutch brand specialized in dietary food for dogs and cats, such as therapeutic pet foods. This bolt-on acquisition fits into Visan´s growth strategy of consolidating its global business operations, according to a company press release.

“The Trovet brand is family owned for the last 20 years and has evolved during that period into a full partner being 100% dedicated for the veterinarian market offering prescription diets,” said Eddie van Aalten, former owner and general manager at Trovet, in a press release. “The product range covers almost all nutritional related health issues faced by the veterinarian and in excess it contains several unique product concept offering the veterinarian more solutions for situations they have to deal with in daily practice. This gives Trovet an edge in the market place, but in order to expand even more internationally (on top of the 24 countries where Trovet is already offered) and to create more strength in the market, a strong partner was required.”

“Regardless of how much we love our pets we cannot escape to the fact that they, like us, are also exposed to illnesses and special conditions which require specific dietary needs,” Javier Sancho, CEO at Visan, in a press release. “With the acquisition of Trovet, we are able to provide our customers´ pets with a complete line of products to overcome these needs.”

History of pet food company Visan

Visan is a family-owned pet food manufacturer in Europe. They distribute the Visan lines and other labels to more than 27 countries throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East.