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Co-product supply for pet foods not stopped by pandemic

While the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted some aspects of the pet food industry, shifting retail channels, slowing transport and postponing business events, the supply of many vital ingredients seems secure at the moment..
Sanitary procedures need to be learned and equipment to be installed, but one industry expert doesn’t see any serious disruption to rendered co-product production for pet food ingredients.
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4 enduring elements of pet food industry success

Pet food companies may benefit from four strategic guidelines to endure the disruption created by the COVID-19 pandemic.
While the pandemic’s effects will continue through the year, certain aspects of consumer demand trends may be amplified by the sudden need to stay at home.
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17% report buying more pet food online during pandemic

The majority, 76%, stated that they had not changed their pet food buying habits at all though.
After the COVID-19 pandemic caused widespread restrictions on movements in the United States, Civic Science, a consumer research firm, asked 1,861 U.S. pet owners about their pet food buying habits.
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I, Zoodroid: Could ultra-cute AI pets replace dogs, cats?

Computer scientists put artificial intelligence programs to work solving complex algorithms needed to mimic human intelligence. That made me wonder, could an AI learn to be a cat?
A Furby-1000 robotic pet terminating the pet food industry seems absurd, but many odd, unexpected technologies ended up changing the world.
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United Petfood acquired IAMS Netherlands pet food facility

International pet food manufacturer United Petfood acquired the Dutch IAMS Europe pet food plant in Coevorden, Netherlands, from Spectrum Brands.
The site currently manufactures the IAMS and EUKANUBA brands and will continue to do so. United Petfood merely is taking over the plant.
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