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Plant oils in pet food: olive, soy, coconut and sunflower

From a pet food perspective, the palatability of diets containing sunflower oil is well liked by dogs, but not as well received by cats.

Several types of plant oil have been covered in Ingredients Issues and evaluated for their use in dog, cat and other pet food formulations

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Mars Petcare to acquire Nom Nom fresh, delivered pet food

The brand will operate independently within Mars' Royal Canin divisio​n.

Personalized pet food formulations also attempt to meet animals’ specific health needs. Home delivery pet food companies offer customized feeding options, such as quantity and frequency, and preference options, including specific ingredients to use or avoid. 

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Stop fake news, beliefs about dog and cat food with games

Games may help inoculate both pet owners and those in the industry from inaccuracies and prepare pet owners to debunk fake pet food news on their own.

From dilated cardiomyopathy to by-products to pentobarbital, a wide range of topics in the pet food industry have spawned their own sets of rumors and false beliefs. Along with these specific myths, pet owners often harbor wider misunderstandings about pet food formulation, processing and regulation.

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No confirmed human disease from raw pet food worldwide

The scientists’ findings cast doubt on a basic tenant of raw pet food use, that raw pet foods should be kept away from people’s food spaces and utensils.

Scientists classified eleven households as having experienced “probable” transmission, and 20 households experienced “possible” transmission.

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Coconut, spinach, 3 more plant superfoods in pet recipes

Although there’s no legal or medical definition of a superfood, these ingredients became especially popular in premium and superpremium pet foods and treats.

The rising popularity of plant superfoods in pet food corresponds to people’s demands for farm produce that produces health results in their own diets.

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