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Sanitizing better than COVID testing in pet food plants

Dog, cat and other pet foods won’t be recalled in the United States if a worker tests positive for SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.
FDA officials also discussed how pet food industry facility staff should prove essential worker status during the COVID-19 pandemic travel restrictions.
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Pet food pros cope without conferences and trade shows

Executives may regret the delay of face-to-face networking at events, but the rapid shift to remote work strengthened various digital communications channels.
While Petfood Forum and other trade shows or conferences changed their dates and formats in response to COVID-19, pet food industry personnel found ways to connect using the internet for both productivity and to share well-wishes.
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Pandemic hampers pet food delivery, retail availability

The majority of respondents, 37% as of early April, selected employee safety and health as the number 1 challenge to their pet food company.
Petfood Industry is conducting a global survey of professionals working for dog, cat and other pet food companies, ingredient or equipment suppliers, packaging manufacturers and others.
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Sales high, but pet owners stock months of dog, cat food

U.S. pet owners may have bought enough supplies to last months, so a brick-and-mortar retail sales dip may be coming.
Pet food industry analysts observed U.S. retail sales dramatically increase during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly of dry kibble, as pet owners changed buying habits to build stockpiles.
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Pet food industry supply chain intact during COVID-19

Although many pet food industry suppliers have prepared for the pandemic, there will still be increased costs and transportation difficulties in the supply chain.
As of the beginning of April, much of the pet food production supply chain remained intact, despite the global COVID-19 pandemic.
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COVID-19 virus replicates in cats, transmits cat-to-cat

However, the experimental conditions did not duplicate those found in the home of a pet owner infected with the virus.
The scientists conducted similar experiments with dogs, pigs, chickens, ferrets and ducks. The virus could replicate in ferrets and cats, and could transmit from cat to cat.
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