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4 types of pet food ingredients for senior dogs

Pet owners find it increasingly important for their cats and dogs to stay in good health, remain active, and live comfortably up to old age.
As cats and dogs reach the senior stage, they may experience different physical, physiological, metabolic, and behavioral changes.
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Krill omega-3 fatty acids boosted dogs’ levels over fish

While krill provide health benefits to humans and their pets as food ingredients, humans threaten krill populations and the ecosystems that depend on the tiny animals, despite protections against overharvesting.
Krill, tiny marine crustaceans, provide omega-3 fatty acids for pet foods in a different form than omega-3s in conventional fish sources. Krill are one of the most abundant species on the planet.
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11 top pet food companies in Asia and Australia 2021

The majority of these companies have headquarters in Japan, with others in Thailand, Australia and South Korea.
Among companies based in Asia or Australia, these pet food producers had the highest annual revenue in 2020, according to Petfood Industry’s Top Companies Current Data.
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