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70 pets dead; Sportmix High Energy pet food recall grows

The recall of Sportmix High Energy pet food expanded to more than 1,000 lots, according to FDA. Midwestern Pet Foods is based in Evansville, Indiana, USA.
By January 11, more than 70 pets had died after eating Sportmix High Energy pet foods, according to reports submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
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2019 Petfood Forum Student Program presentation

Petfood Forum 2021 Student Program announces call for papers

Undergraduate, graduate students invited to submit noncommercial abstracts for oral presentations and posters by March 31
Undergraduate and graduate students involved in companion animal nutrition and related fields are invited to submit noncommercial abstracts for oral presentations and posters by March 31 for Petfood Forum 2021.
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Top 10 Asia-Pacific region Petfood Industry articles 2020

Some of the top stories dealt with business moves, disaster relief and consumer demands that predated the pandemic.
Petfood Industry reports and contributors covered the pandemic’s effects from India, where feeding abandoned pets was declared an essential service, to the Philippines, where pet food was not considered an essential industry and pet owners lacked access to supplies.
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Top 10 Petfood Industry articles 2020: DCM or pandemic

While 2021 remains unpredictable, these ten articles offer 2020 hindsight about what held pet food producers’ and suppliers’ attention in an unprecedented year.
Two acronyms, DCM and COVID-19, dominated the attention of the global pet food industry in 2020, as measured by the amount of reader attention to Petfood Industry news, feature articles, blogs and other reporting.
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Dane Creek Capital acquires Growlies Pet Foods retailers

This transaction marks Dane Creek’s first acquisition of a pet specialty retailer.
United Raw Pet Foods, a majority-owned subsidiary of merchant bank Dane Creek Capital, acquired Growlies Pet Foods, a pet specialty retailer based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, in an all-cash transaction.
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