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10 consumer ‘megatrends’ changing during COVID-19

Euromonitor analysts discussed consumer trend shifts during a webinar.
Megatrends are key drivers for consumer trends in the future, and therefore for innovation as well, across different product portfolios. However, as the world went into lockdown, consumers formed new habits and developed new values as new behaviors emerged.
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Core species of dog, cat gut microbiome identified

A wide array of microbes dwell in the crevices of dogs’ and cats’ intestines, forming complex communities called the microbiome.
In dogs, 15 genera made up the core, while healthy cat guts hosted 17. Dawn Kingsbury, DVM, AnimalBiome chief veterinary officer, presented the results of a five-year research project at the ACVIM Forum 2020 in June.
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Area, age, income differ in sustainable pet food market

Pet food buyers in the top 25 U.S. urban areas tended to be as likely to purchase sustainable pet food as those in smaller cities. Rural counties were less likely to purchase sustainable pet foods.
Sustainable pet food had the fourth lowest percentage change in volume due to a 1% change in price.
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Chewy to open pet food, treat e-commerce hub in Missouri

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated e-commerce sales trends in the pet food market, contributing to the increasing dominance of online dog, cat and other pet food sales.
Pet food, treat and product e-commerce giant Chewy plans to open a new fulfillment center in Belton, Missouri, USA.
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Millennial man and dog at the beach

Sustainable products maintained sales during pandemic

Some have contended that the COVID-19 pandemic would force sustainability concerns out of consumers’ minds.
Growing numbers of pet owners consider the effects of pet food production and distribution on marginalized human communities and the Earth’s ecosystems.
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Dog, cat owners may long for pet store socialization

Dog, cat and other pet food buyers may miss socializing with store owners and employees, who also tend to be serious pet lovers. Importantly for pet food brands, those stores serve as a vital opportunity to expose consumers to new pet products.
Once it’s safe, pet food buyers may return to local pet specialty retailers precisely because those stores offer the friendly, informative, interpersonal interactions rendered dangerous by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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