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Automation and in-out shopping change pet food retail

Without a checkout, shoppers never stand in line perusing the little bags of treats or toys that dangle above the conveyor belt.
People no longer wish to spend time lingering and browsing in stores. That translates into less time discovering new pet foods, treats and other products.
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Benyfit raw beef dog food recalled in UK for Salmonella

Benyfit Natural Pet Food Ltd. recalled several types of frozen raw dog food products containing beef because the products might contain Salmonella, according to the United Kingdom’s Food Standards Agency.
These products have been sold by various independent pet food stores in the UK and online.
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4 main areas pandemic affects pet food, supply business

Pet owners have shifted significantly towards e-commerce during the pandemic. Pet ownership in the United States increased during the early stages of the pandemic.
The COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on the pet food industry has been wide ranging and hard to fully comprehend. Focusing on four main areas allows one to make better sense of it.
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Plant-based ingredient R&D center open to pet food makers

Buhler’s newly opened Food Application Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, currently focuses on human food, but the Center’s director is open to working with pet food makers too.
The Center could be particularly useful in the development of sustainable plant-based ingredients for dog, cat and other pet foods.
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Partner in Pet Food acquiring Doggy pet food company

From its base in Hungary, Partner in Pet Food is a European private-label pet food producer, supplying international and local retailers in 38 countries.
Partner in Pet Food, based in Budapest, Hungary, announced the acquisition of Swedish pet food manufacturer Doggy and its brands Bozita, Bozita Robur and Doggy & Mjau from Lithuania-based investment company NDX Group.
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Blue Buffalo new wet foods, treat ads planned for FY21

Blue Buffalo retail sales increased double digits in FY20 considering all channels, likewise gaining market share, Jeff Harmening, chairman and chief executive officer said in the call.
Following strong sales in the rest of fiscal year 2020, General Mills’ Blue Buffalo experienced a similar sales trajectory during the COVID-19 pandemic to that of many other pet food brands.
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