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Stella & Chewy's helps senior pets find forever homes

Premium pet food brand embarks on third annual mission to honor National Adopt a Senior Pet Month by covering adoption fees in November.

The company will aid in adoptions by offering to reimburse adoption fees throughout November to owners who rescue a dog or cat over 5 years of age. 

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Map of German dog, cat and other pet food facilities

The map embedded below shows the locations of German pet food companies listed in Petfood Industry’s Top Companies Current Data.

From feeding hungry Town Musicians on their way to Bremen in the north to Munich in the south, the German pet food industry appears concentrated in the region that was formerly West Germany, especially near the border with the Netherlands.

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36 pet food industry acquisitions by 3rd quarter 2021

These transactions included pet food producers, ingredient suppliers and others in the industry.

Three-quarters of the way through 2021, at least 35 mergers and acquisitions have occurred in the global pet food industry. These transactions included pet food producers, ingredient suppliers and others in the industry. 

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Belgian United Petfood acquires Dutch Teeling Petfood

Belgium-based pet food producer, United Petfood, acquired the Dutch manufacturer Teeling Petfood.

Teeling Petfood has been producing wet food for both dogs and cats since 1989. The Dutch company employs approximately 100 people and has production sites in Hoogeveen and Heerhugowaard. 

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Post-apocalyptic pet ownership in fiction and reality

Dogs, cats and other pets occupy such an important role in people’s lives that even disasters, both real and fictional, can’t break that bond.

Dogs and cats abound in science fiction and horror movies, especially post-apocalyptic dystopias. That trope seems grounded in reality, considering the growth in the pet ownership during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, although wider demographic shifts also fuel pet population growth.

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