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Future mergers and acquisitions shaped by pandemic buying

Mergers and acquisitions in the pet food industry will continue during and after the pandemic, but their character may change as buyers look for brands that can tap into the new normal of e-commerce, remote work and social distancing.
Business movements in the pet food industry may follow the restrictions in people’s ability to move about.
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Pet food safety protocols aid plants’ pandemic protection

The measures used in pet food and animal feed facilities were for food safety, but may have ended up helping slow human disease transmission.
Federal scrutiny of Salmonella and similar microbes in pet food facilities unintentionally may have helped dog, cat and other pet food makers in the pandemic.
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Aliments Mackenzie acquired Karnivor raw pet food brand

Quebec, Canada-based natural pet food company Aliments Mackenzie acquired the brand Karnivor.
Aliments Alternatifs 2000 inc. and its registered brand Karnivor were founded in 1999 with the mission of providing animals with food adapted to their physiology and that aligns with their carnivorous nature.
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