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New coronavirus clouds fate of China pet shows

The ongoing health crisis and resulting lockdowns could also affect operations of pet food companies and other businesses.
The new coronavirus that broke out in Wuhan, China, and resulting lockdowns could affect major pet trade shows and pet food companies in the country.
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African pet food production grew most in 2019, Asia #2

On a smaller scale than regions, China, Indonesia, Portugal, Hungary, Ecuador and Argentina most increased pet food production volume compared to other nations.
While the 2020 Alltech Global Feed Survey revealed an overall decline of 1% in global animal feed production overall in 2019, pet food production increased by 4% worldwide.
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Whitebridge Pet Brands acquires Cardinal Pet Care

Whitebridge Pet Brands is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. Cardinal Pet Care’s office is in Azusa, California.
Whitebridge Pet Brands, a maker of natural and minimally processed pet foods, treats and complements, completed the acquisition of Cardinal Laboratories, Inc.
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Lawsuit over Blue Buffalo dog food carbs versus wolf diet

In legal documents, Shannon Walton’s lawyers claimed her seven-year-old Labrador-Beagle mix, Tucker, “gained significant weight and now requires medical attention for canine obesity.”
A dog owner filed a class action lawsuit claiming that consumption of Blue Buffalo dog food caused her pet’s obesity.
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Conversion metrics measure pet food e-commerce success

Data analysis allows pet food companies to develop tools and insights to help that company understand how to grow sales.
Analytic tools give pet food digital marketers greater ability to measure the number of sales generated from visits to a website or promotional campaigns.
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Hill’s DCM study seeks 1,000 dogs for genetic screening

Once researchers have this DNA data, they will map the genes looking for patterns common to dogs with DCM.
Hill’s Pet Nutrition allied with Embark, a DNA analysis company focused on dogs, to look for potential connections between canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) and specific codes in the dogs’ DNA.
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Mars launches Iams premium pet food brand in India

Keeping pace with India’s pet food market growth, Mars aims to launch the brand in the top 30 cities by end of 2020.
India’s pet food market is growing by double digits each year, and Mars is keeping pace by launching its Iams premium pet nutrition brand in 30 cities.
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