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How beta-mannanase affects digestibility of canine diets

Values for apparent total tract digestibility in diets containing soybean meal are not different no matter which method of calculation
This experiment evaluated the effects of including the enzyme β-mannanase in dog diets based on poultry by-product meal (PBM) or soybean meal (SBM). The second objective was to evaluate three methods for determining energy and nutrient digestibility values in diets fed to dogs: total fecal collection (TFC), use of acid-insoluble ash (AIA) or crude fiber (CF) as a marker.
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American Feed Industry Association holds spring meeting

Board members visited Congress to discuss proposed legislation impacting the feed, feed ingredient industry
Nearly 60 members of the American Feed Industry Association’s board of directors met to discuss issues of mutual concern and make their concerns known to legislators during the annual spring meeting near Washington, D.C., USA. On May 16, board members visited Capitol Hill and members of Congress to publicize the association's positions on proposed legislation that would impact the feed and feed ingredient industry.
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Betaine: natural ingredient for next generation of petfoods

In petfoods, betaine can provide a partial choline supply from beet juice
Betaine has become more common in pet diets in the last decade as natural and unique ingredients have become the driving force behind new petfoods. Betaine is a nearly pure chemical nutrient that hails from natural origins, and it certainly isn’t mainstream.
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Four snapshots of prebiotic sources in pet food

Advances in functional petfood ingredients

Prebiotics, probiotics and their combinations—synbiotics—promise health benefits for pets
Since the term “functional food” was first used in Japan in the 1980s, food science and nutrition knowledge have progressed from identifying and correcting nutritional deficiencies—improving life expectancy—to designing foods that promote optimal health and reduce risk of disease—improving wellness and the quality of life, said K.B. Kore, PhD, assistant professor with the College of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry at Navsari Agricultural University in India.
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US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack visits Kemin Industries

Vilsack told high school students manufacturing jobs, like those at Kemin, are returning to the Midwest.
US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack recently visited a high school in rural Des Moines, Iowa, USA, telling students that manufacturing jobs are returning to the Midwest, such as those at local manufacturer Kemin Industries, which he also visited. Vilsack told the students that the high-tech manufacturing jobs of today require math and engineering skills while working to research and develop plant molecules used in the company's production of petfood ingredients and products for animal nutrition. 
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For petfood manufacturers, corn and wheat harvests might mean good news

Recent reports from the US Department of Agriculture offer good news for petfood manufacturers that use corn- or wheat-based ingredients in their formulations: Planting of corn and wheat in the US is ahead of schedule so far this year thanks to favorable weather. As of April 15, about 37% of the spring wheat crop had been seeded and 17% of the corn crop had been planted, according to reports.
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Manufacturers, retailers discuss functional petfood ingredients

Functional foods can provide many health benefits to pets if consumers are properly educated about them.
A Q-and-A article in Natural Pet Product Merchandiser discussed with petfood industry professionals the role of functional foods in the retail sector, how to market the products and most effective ways to get customers to switch to these products. Q-and-A panelists included two petfood manufacturers and two pet product retailers: Gary Bursell, CEO of Steve's Real Food; Jennifer Fadal, owner of Wag Natural Pet Boutique; Dale Greenbury, president of Full Petential; and Lisa Pearce, owner of Green Pawz Pet Supply.   
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Sodium bisulfate: multipurpose petfood ingredient

Though not nutritional, this functional food additive offers other significant benefits, especially for cats
In the world of petfood manufacturing, some ingredients are used that are not nutritional, by intent. Rather, their purpose is to enhance the nutritional value, flavor or stability of the food. Sodium bisulfate is just such a functional food additive that one might find in petfoods, especially cat diets.
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International Grains Program launches animal feed industry blog

Blog includes industry information, specific posts related to program's focuses
The International Grains Program at Kansas State University launched a new blog with animal feed industry information as well as posts specific to the program's focus of feed manufacturing and grain management, flour milling and grain processing, and grain marketing and risk management. “We are excited about this opportunity to engage with our audience in a different capacity,” said Mark Fowler, IGP associate director.
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Natura launches new petfood ingredient tracking website provides ingredient sources, manufacturing plant video tour and more
  Natura Pet Products launched a new website,, that lets customers see how the manufacturer creates new petfood formulas and where the petfood ingredients are sourced. Natura’s new website shares the regions where Natura’s ingredients are sourced on an interactive map and presents a narrated video tour of the company’s plant in Fremont, Nebraska, USA, with profiles of employees working in manufacturing and product development at the plant.   
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