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For petfood manufacturers, corn and wheat harvests might mean good news

Recent reports from the US Department of Agriculture offer good news for petfood manufacturers that use corn- or wheat-based ingredients in their formulations: Planting of corn and wheat in the US is ahead of schedule so far this year thanks to favorable weather. As of April 15, about 37% of the spring wheat crop had been seeded and 17% of the corn crop had been planted, according to reports.
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Manufacturers, retailers discuss functional petfood ingredients

Functional foods can provide many health benefits to pets if consumers are properly educated about them.
A Q-and-A article in Natural Pet Product Merchandiser discussed with petfood industry professionals the role of functional foods in the retail sector, how to market the products and most effective ways to get customers to switch to these products. Q-and-A panelists included two petfood manufacturers and two pet product retailers: Gary Bursell, CEO of Steve's Real Food; Jennifer Fadal, owner of Wag Natural Pet Boutique; Dale Greenbury, president of Full Petential; and Lisa Pearce, owner of Green Pawz Pet Supply.   
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Sodium bisulfate: multipurpose petfood ingredient

Though not nutritional, this functional food additive offers other significant benefits, especially for cats
In the world of petfood manufacturing, some ingredients are used that are not nutritional, by intent. Rather, their purpose is to enhance the nutritional value, flavor or stability of the food. Sodium bisulfate is just such a functional food additive that one might find in petfoods, especially cat diets.
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International Grains Program launches animal feed industry blog

Blog includes industry information, specific posts related to program's focuses
The International Grains Program at Kansas State University launched a new blog with animal feed industry information as well as posts specific to the program's focus of feed manufacturing and grain management, flour milling and grain processing, and grain marketing and risk management. “We are excited about this opportunity to engage with our audience in a different capacity,” said Mark Fowler, IGP associate director.
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Natura launches new petfood ingredient tracking website provides ingredient sources, manufacturing plant video tour and more
  Natura Pet Products launched a new website,, that lets customers see how the manufacturer creates new petfood formulas and where the petfood ingredients are sourced. Natura’s new website shares the regions where Natura’s ingredients are sourced on an interactive map and presents a narrated video tour of the company’s plant in Fremont, Nebraska, USA, with profiles of employees working in manufacturing and product development at the plant.   
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Sustainability: not just for huge multinationals

A new report shows retailer Walmart and Nestle, parent company of Nestle Purina, ranking among the top corporate sustainability leaders worldwide, according to Based on a survey of "industry experts and professionals" by GlobeScan Inc. and SustainAbility Ltd., the report names 13 such leaders, with Unilever at the very top.
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ADM Alliance Nutrition to build new petfood premix plant

New feed premix plant in Effingham, Illinois, USA, to be completed in 2014
ADM Alliance Nutrition Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Archer Daniels Midland Company, will build a new feed premix plant in Effingham, Illinois, USA, with enhanced processes and controls to meet safety standards for petfood premixes and specialty blends. The new facility, expected to be fully operational in early 2014, will incorporate stainless steel conveyances and processing equipment, with automation enabling real-time tracking of every ingredient through bar coding and lot controlled numbering systems.  
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GA Pet Food Partners creates ‘Just Fresh Meat’ dry petfood concept

New concept uses extrusion technology for all-fresh meat ingredients in dry petfood
GA Pet Food Partners, a super-premium dry petfood manufacturer, recently created the “Just Fresh Meat” concept, in which all of meat ingredients in the dry pet food are fresh. GA has invested in a patented “Just Fresh Meat” extrusion technology, which the company says means that there is no need for dry rendered meat and bone meals to be used in a complete, dry petfood.  
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Petfood flavoring company AFB awarded for 2011 customer satisfaction

AFB wins 2011 Experience Award from research agency Integron
Petfood palatability product manufacturer AFB International was awarded the 2011 Experience Award in the Customer Experience category by research agency Integron. AFB says the award, given at a March 15 awards ceremony in Rotterdam, Netherlands, recognizes its consistent dedication to customer satisfaction.  
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AFIA holds Purchasing, Ingredient Suppliers Conference

More than 550 attend to hear market analyses, speakers on current industry topics
  The 2012 Purchasing and Ingredient Suppliers Conference, an annual two-day event of the American Feed Industry Association, was held March 14-16, in Orlando, Florida, USA, where 553 individuals working within the livestock feed and petfood industries learned about the latest issues and events. Those in the animal feed industry who attended the conference heard market analyses and speakers on current topics such as barcoding, packaging, China’s impact on agriculture production, regulatory requirements and more.  
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