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Benefits of dietary fiber in companion animal diets

Information regarding dietary fibers and prebiotics is growing in the field of pet nutrition and health
Dietary fiber has long been an important ingredient in companion animal diets. Not until recently have we begun to understand the numerous benefits dietary fiber may have on dog and cat health and well-being. Recent work on prebiotics and understanding the benefits of a healthful large bowel microbiota has increased the interest in dietary fibers. In particular, the database regarding dietary fibers and prebiotics is growing as it relates to pet animal nutrition and health.
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Vet says petfood should include nine key ingredients for puppy health

Petfood should be formulated specifically for size, nutritional needs of puppies
It is important that petfood for a puppy be formulated specifically for young dogs, so that the food includes nine key ingredients for puppy health. "Puppies have different nutritional needs than adult and senior dogs,” Katy Nelson, an emergency veterinarian said in an article.
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Grain market: here we go again

Increased demand, tight supply and continually rising prices for commodities bring up bad memories from 2008
Nearly every petfood producer I have talked with this year, including in Europe, has expressed concern about the continually escalating cost of ingredients, especially commodities. As of this writing, corn futures for this month (July 2011) were trading on the Chicago Board of Trade at US$7.59 a bushel, according to
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Dominoes falling in petfood ingredient market

Smart producers who understand contributing factors and take a proactive approach will likely be the ones left standing
Each of these is a domino in the petfood ingredient market. The days of US$2 bushel corn seem a faint memory for those of us who have been in the petfood business for many years. Today, corn prices are over US$7 per bushel, with some experts projecting a rise as high as 35% over the next year.
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FEDIAF issues draft on communication for petfood

European petfood federation expects draft code on communcation on petfood to consumers will be adopted by EU commission
European Union Regulation 767/2009 on placing on the market and use of animal feeds sets out basic rules for the way information about petfood should be provided to the consumer. Common principles set out in this legislation are that information communicated about products must be truthful, objective and quantifiable, and it must also not mislead or deceive customers.
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AFB International donates to Illinois, USA, shelter through 'Points 4 Pets'

Company donation made following April's Petfood Forum event in Schaumburg, Illinois, USA
Petfood ingredient supplier AFB International's "Points 4 Pets" program recently donated money to an Illinois, USA, animal shelter during WATT Publishing Company's PetFood Forum event. The “Points 4 Pets” donation program uses a basketball pop-a-shot game to determine a donation amount.
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DuPont completes tender offer for Danisco stock shares

DuPont chair says company will integrate Danisco into animal health and nutrition business
DuPont, through its wholly-owned subsidiary DuPont Denmark Holding ApS, announced that it successfully completed its tender offer for all outstanding shares of common stock of Danisco for DKK 700 (US$131.38) cash per share. All shares that were properly tendered have been accepted for purchase, according to the company.
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Feeding dried okara-tempeh to dogs

Dried okara-tempeh is effective for improving the fecal environment in dogs. Okara, which is currently discarded, can be used in dog food
Okara is a white or yellowish pulp comprising the insoluble portion of soybeans. It is low in fat, high in fiber and contains protein, calcium, iron and riboflavin.
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Adaptation of healthy cats to dietary fibers

Adaptation to either FOS or pectin led to greater SCFA and gas production, but adaptation to FOS resulted in the greatest effect overall
Nine young adult male cats were used to determine the effects of microbial adaptation to select dietary fiber sources on changes in pH in vitro, total and hydrogen gas, short-chain fatty acid (SCFA) and branched-chain fatty acid (BCFA) production. Cats were adapted to diets containing 4% cellulose, fructooligosaccharides (FOS) or pectin for 30 days prior to fecal sampling.
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NASC honors pet companies with awards for commitment to quality

Awards presented to 15 companies, individuals for improving animal health supplement industry
National Animal Supplement Council hosted its inaugural awards dinner at its annual conference on May 12 in San Diego, California, USA. Fifteen companies and individuals were honored for going above and beyond in their commitment to quality, education and improving the standards of the animal health supplement industry.
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