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Possible early indicators of feline obesity

Changes in plasma adiponectin concentration and cholesterol lipoprotein composition may be good early indicators of obesity in cats
Feline obesity generally results in aberrations to plasma metabolite levels, such as lipid concentrations and lipoprotein composition. This study sought to investigate the effect of obesity on cholesterol lipoprotein composition and circulating adiponectin concentrations.
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AFIA to host 2012 Purchasing and Ingredient Suppliers Conference

March 2012 conference open to petfood industry professionals
The American Feed Industry Association will host its annual Purchasing and Ingredient Suppliers Conference for more than 450 buyers and sellers of animal feed and petfood ingredients, from March 14-16, 2012. Highlights of the program include tips on bar code data collection for managing productivity, inventory management and traceability; packaging and requirements; an overview of federal regulatory requirements for producing animal feed; and China's impact in the US animal feed industry.
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Australian petfood manufacturer asks to use culled animals in petfood

Company's request to use culled animals from Kakadu National Park denied by local authorities
Howard Springs Pet Meat Supplies, based in Australia's Northern Territory, wants to use culled animals from Australia's Kakadu National Park as ingredients in its petfood, according to reports. The petfood manufacturer says it already collects feral animals from cattle stations and some other nationals parks run by the local government.  
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Plans for VICTAM, FIAAP Asia 2012 continue despite Thailand flooding

Show organizers say 2012 BITEC show venue, hotels and transportation are mostly unaffected by floods in Bangkok
Preparations for FIAAP, VICTAM & GRAPAS Asia 2012 continue to progress, despite recent flooding in parts of Thailand, including Bangkok, show organizers say. The situation seems to be improving with flood levels going down throughout Bangkok and the country of Thailand.
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AFIA to hold petfood conference at 2012 International Feed Expo

Conference will take place in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, in January.
The 2012 Petfood Conference will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, on Tuesday, January 24, at the International Feed Expo/International Poultry Expo, organized by the American Feed Industry Association and US Poultry & Egg Association. The conference covers a variety of topics ranging from regulatory issues to the technical aspects of production, food safety, marketing and use of ingredients.
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Plasma: thermoplastic gel with pet health benefits

Plasma is a high-quality, natural component that should be considered a valuable part of a dog or cat diet
To the couch potato, the word “plasma” likely conjures up thoughts of a new television; to Trekkies, it’s the high-energy gaseous field the USS Enterprise has to traverse periodically. In other words, the term by itself doesn’t necessarily conjure up a yuck factor.
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New ISO standard on traceability of fish products to improve food safety

New standard specifies information to be recorded for captured finfish
A new ISO standard on the traceability of finfish products, ingredients often used in dog and cat food formulas, is expected to improve food safety by supplying stakeholders throughout the supply chain with accurate information about the origin and nature of these products. The new standard, ISO 12875:2011, Traceability of finfish products - Specification on the information to be recorded in captured finfish distribution chains, specifies the information to be recorded in marine-captured finfish supply chains in order to establish traceability.  
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Human food trends not necessarily adequate for pets, vet cautions

Pet owners urged to check ingredients labels on petfood, not look for certain key terms on the package
As people opt for more organic foods, the trend is also crossing over to petfoods, but a veterinarian is cautioning pet owners that these human food trends may not always meet the nutritional needs of pets. In a recent Huffington Post article, Dr. Karen Becker says that dogs and cats need wholesome, "living foods," just as people do.
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